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What Is Brain Fitness Academy?

Brain Fitness Academy is about maximizing health and well-being of individuals living with Mild Cognitive Impairment and early dementia by providing a therapeutic environment for engaging in brain healthy activities and learning lifestyle adaptations.
Multiple studies reveal that adults now fear dementia more than cardiac disease or cancer. A diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s can be devastating news but it doesn’t mean the end of friendship, love and even joy. Watch this video put together by the Growing Bolder team – it will give you a good perspective on BFA.

The ultimate goal of the Brain Fitness Academy is to provide a setting that celebrates capabilities; offering programming that is success-based, boosts self-esteem, and maximizes health and well-being by providing a therapeutic environment where members can engage in brain healthy activities and learn lifestyle adaptations.

What People Are Saying

What I like most about the program is the cohesiveness of activities and the learnings that help us to cope with our circumstances.
~ BFA Member

Well thought out, well-planned; well-executed activities. I think these activities are very helpful for me.
~ BFA Member

I thoroughly enjoy the program from start to finish – especially the candor & feedback from the participants. The team leaders are exceptional!
~ BFA Member

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