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How Would I Know If A Brain Fitness Academy Is Right For Me?

Ask yourself:

• Would I like to get together in a pleasant setting with other adults who share my memory challenges?

• Am I interested in stimulating my brain for a few hours each week?

• Do I like to laugh and have fun as well as learn new things?

What Can I Expect If I Join A Brain Fitness Academy?

• The same group meets together two days each week for four hours each day; this lasts for 14 weeks. Then there is a couple of weeks break and you may want to continue.  There are three of these 14-week ‘semesters’ each year. We match the academic calendar so we can enjoy the good ideas and interesting programs of our local colleges/universities.

• Each day is a little different in order to support the concept that novelty and new activities enhance brain stimulation.

• Some examples of activities utilized in the program include word games, creative writing, topic discussions, logic puzzles, walking, mathematical puzzles, music trivia, drawing, history discussions, and stretch and balance exercises.

• There is a mixture of activities that “exercise” both the mind and the body.

• The flow of each day includes opportunities for socialization and enjoyment. And we laugh!

• Members of the clubs really enjoy and appreciate each other.

We are easy to reach!

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